Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Okay, I admit it. I don't actually own anything from Flor, but I have a strange obesssion with them. Everytime we move into a new house I think "here is my excuse to get Flor tiles!"

Flor are tiles that come in 20-inch squares in an endless variety of colors and textures. You buy how ever many squares you need and stick them to your floor. And then sing out loud. Because you have Flor.

My favorites today are this, this and this.

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Diagonally Parked In A Parallel Universe said...

I'm impressed. I've always been a little bit dissapointed that carpet is always... well, CARPET. The same color for an entire room - where is the excitment in that? This is a good idea.

And since YOU have picked it out, I'm certain they are of outstanding quality.