Thursday, May 1, 2008

Banana Boat After-Sun Lotion

Skin: Holy crap, I forgot sunscreen! AHHHHH!!
After Sun Lotion: Relax.
Skin: No seriously, I am burnt! HELP!
Lotion: Shh, shhh. I'm here, skin.
Skin: I'm so lucky to have you.
Lotion: Yes, yes you are.

No seriously, it's that good. When we landed in Hawaii this is the second thing I bought (I wish I could say first thing, but I'm keeping it real) My family refers to this as just "sun lotion" as in "I am a super white human being and have been in the sun too long. Where is my sun lotion?"

Somehow this keeps you from peeling from a sunburn and helps your tan (and by "tan", I mean "slightly less off-white". At least in our family) Fabulous. In just every drugstore ever. Buy it now.

Skin: Oh, rub that right in, baby.
Lotion: Pervert.


Grammatically Challenged said...

Once again, your timing is inpeccable. I took both horses for a little bit longer walk today, and shortly afterward felt that tight, slightly painful sensation that always preceeds a sunburn. Luckily, I have followed your advice in more than one circumstance, and so had Banana Boat right on hand to smear all over my face, arms and back of my neck. The relief was almost immediate, and I'm gonna look pretty cool tomorrow.... if you there is any way you can call a true farmer's tan cool (NOT).

marianne said...

I love your skin convo more than I liked my lucky/butt convo. If any of us dark minnicks gets a burn, I'll keep your stuff in mind.