Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Okay, I admit it. I don't actually own anything from Flor, but I have a strange obesssion with them. Everytime we move into a new house I think "here is my excuse to get Flor tiles!"

Flor are tiles that come in 20-inch squares in an endless variety of colors and textures. You buy how ever many squares you need and stick them to your floor. And then sing out loud. Because you have Flor.

My favorites today are this, this and this.

Crazy 8

Whenever I'm in the mall, disorientated from the large amounts of Cinnabon I've consumed (come on, you resist that smell) I always seem to wander into Gymboree. Man, that place makes me nauseous (or maybe that was the Cinnabon) Children's pants should not cost more than mine.

Solution: Crazy 8! It's by the same company as Gymboree, without the ridiculous price tag (like Gap is to Old Navy)

Their basic clothes are cute, wash really well and they have FIVE DOLLAR shipping (even to Hawaii--score!) Join their email list and wait for the big sales. Can anyone say two dollar pair of pants?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Chi Silk Infusion

This is my number one hair product. Oh, I love love love it. I've lived in super dry areas and am currently living in a insanely humid one (Holla, Hawaii!) and this works FANTASTICALLY in both! {holds up product and flashes large, cheesy grin}

Shiny: check
Soft: check
Actual repairs hair without making it a greaseball: check

You're supposed to use it with a straightening iron (probably one of those insanely expensive Chi's) but I use it even when I let my hair air-dry and it makes it silky smooth. It doesn't give your hair body, but you just have to use something else for that. I don't have all the answers.

It's on sale here with free shipping. Who takes care of you?