Monday, April 28, 2008

Chi Silk Infusion

This is my number one hair product. Oh, I love love love it. I've lived in super dry areas and am currently living in a insanely humid one (Holla, Hawaii!) and this works FANTASTICALLY in both! {holds up product and flashes large, cheesy grin}

Shiny: check
Soft: check
Actual repairs hair without making it a greaseball: check

You're supposed to use it with a straightening iron (probably one of those insanely expensive Chi's) but I use it even when I let my hair air-dry and it makes it silky smooth. It doesn't give your hair body, but you just have to use something else for that. I don't have all the answers.

It's on sale here with free shipping. Who takes care of you?


Jen said...

TWO BLOGS!?! My mind is spinning. Eric is wondering if this is legal and/or moral.

And I think I will just blindly buy whatever you tell me to. I am totally a sheep.

By the way, did I tell you that I got a Chi flatiron on sale for $30-freaking-dollars? Amazon. It was awesome. I found it while at work at 3am, and within 20 minutes six other women I work with had bought one, too.

And the next time I went back to work, we all had fabulous, shiny hair. And that is my most impressive contribution to society so far. The End.

Jamie & Brian said...

Ooh a second blog! How sneaky is that?! Nice product promo. Any good suggestions for daily sunscreens for body or face?

Harmony said...

Ooooh, sunscreens are tough. I haven't found one that doesn't totally make me break out.

There are all these sweet little Asian women here that carry umbrellas everywhere they go--apparently that's the secret to the fountain of youth. :-)

Diagonally Parked In A Parallel Universe said...

Should I begin to market MY solution for shiny, healthy and STRAIGHT hair? Wash your hair every day - don't ever straighten or color it - and marry into my family (where a curl is nary to be seen). Man, I could make millions.