Sunday, May 4, 2008

Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies

Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies are a punk-rock group featuring members of Lagwagon, No Use For A Name and NOFX who do punk covers of golden oldies, country songs and musicals. Blake introduced me to them and I think I'll give him an extra kiss today as thanks.

My favoritest (my blog, my words) CD of theirs is Have a Ball. Their versions of "Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard" and "Seasons in the Sun" are fantastic. Go listen now.

You wanna kiss me as thanks, don't you?

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Grammatically Challenged said...

My sides are aching - especially after "Seasons In The Sun" and "Mandy", the two sappiest songs ever written. WHEW - I am going to wake up the neighbors, and they live a quarter mile away! Give Blake an extra kiss for me also.