Friday, April 17, 2009

Sungold Chair

Ah, I NEED this chair. NEEEEEEED!


Sarah said...

Curse you for having such friggin' awesome taste and making me want things like this.

Brandi said...

Were you put on this earth to tempt me, or what?

First, you give me even more reason to support same sex marriage (By the way, my answer would be yes if you asked).

Now you go and show me beautiful furniture two weeks before I move into the most gorgeous home I've ever lived in--a home that just happens to be double the size of my current home and therefore needs some furniture. Furniture that we can't afford because we're paying rent on two places for nearly a month.

You're an evil, evil woman.

P.S. I like the blue and brown one that shows up when you click the link even better than that one.