Thursday, April 2, 2009

Days With My Father

Phil Toledano released a photo essay titled Days With My Father. A touching compilation of photos taken after the death of Toledano's mother, the images serve as a time capsule of the period. Simple and sparse and really moving.

Makes me cry every time. How's that for an endorsement?

*Update: Some people are confused about his site. If you double click on each picture, it moves you to the next shot.


Sarah said...

That was so beautiful. It moved me to tears.

Sailing Past Maturity Straight into Senility said...

I'm crying too.

Jen said...

I took a picture of my dad last summer that made me cry when I looked at it later- not because it is sad, or he is old or ill or anything- but just because I know that it will be "the" picture that I will need after he is gone one day.

(Also, maybe I am weird and morbid)

My word verification... "sadderh"

Brandi said...

Thanks. Now I'm crying.

(and maybe my computer is just weird, but all I had to do was scroll down and each picture/story came up.)